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🧠🪙Creator of $MNDFL coin (launching soon with Social Stack) - a social coin that can be earned by completing a growing list of mindful actions and redeemed for mindful services and products, and a budding community centered around the #MindsEyelandTime Cryptogetaways🪙🧠 Genies Warehouse Alien Alpha #414 Brain-first into NFTs since October 2020! Featured Crypto Artist in the See Me Community NFT Collective in SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach 2021, 2020 BitBasel Miami NFT competition first place winner. Internationally board-certified BCN Neurofeedback Specialist, 3D animator, projection mapper, FDA-varianced Laser artist, serial creatorpreneur presently combining EEG Peak Performance training with installation art and collectible and rare digital art NFTs on the blockchain (#NFTNFT). Card-carrying member of The Merry Pranksters - “Captain Lightbrush” 🇻🇮🏝🎵Virgin Islands Jam Fest IV lineup announced! Featuring Chali 2na, Dan Kelly of Fortunate Youth with Zeb of tribal seeds, Marcus Rezak x Hayley Jane and more!🎵🏝🇻🇮 Creator of Lightbrush Projections, Mind’s Eyeland Time cryptogetaways, iHateRadio and str34mTV. Co-creator of Virgin Islands Jam Fest, The Latenight Levity Show, THC Oilympics and Because of the Lotus. Notable Installations or Lightbombs: 🏨 The Stanley Hotel - The Shining Ball, Devotchka and 311 🏔 Red Rocks with The String Cheese Incident and MicrodoseVR 🧀 6 years in Suwannee Hulaween’s Spirit Lake 🏆 The Emerald Cup 🏝 3 years at Virgin Islands Jam Fest 🪞Alex and Alyson Grey’s COSM 🎨 Gem and Jam Festival And well over 100 other displays at music and arts festivals around the U.S. Dig into my CryptoArt and work with Lightbrush: 👇#CollabIsMyVocab! Reach out! 👇