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Chris Polaszek




Founder High End Holdings and Sunburn Cannabis. Lawyer. Entrepreneur. Strategist. Advisor to & Defender of Cannabis Companies, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Professional & Olympic Athletes. Creator of Vision, Mindset, Motivation & Discipline. Negotiation Instructor. Experienced Cannabis Founder, Operator and CLO (getting the license, picking the team, surviving, thriving and selling the company for $213m). Class Action Litigator. Mediator. πŸ™ Son of Immigrants Who Knows that Hard Relentless Work and Purpose Pays Off ⭐️ Failures are Our Greatest Teachers πŸ”₯ 25 Years to Become an Overnight Success πŸ’Ό Rising Up & Growing Stronger After a $4 Billion Loss! 🌎 We Can Change the World One Person at a Time πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» πŸ“§ [email protected] ☎️ πŸ’¬ 646.344.0756 - C