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Manuel Martinez Alonso




Open Innovation, Foresight, Venturing specialist | Intrapreneur | Investor | Speaker | ENTP Passionate about: 🚀 Open Innovation Ecosystems 🦄 Startups 🦠 Exponential Technologies 🔮 Scenario Planning Strategy 🏗 Corporate Venturing 🌑 Singularity 🧬 Transhumanism 🗽 Liberty 📉 Value Investing Currently working on a “Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” Scenario Planning and a future Spain InfraTech Hub and sandboxes network. Do you want to partner us? 🔗📨 En español estamos juntando a un grupo de gente brillante que ame la diversidad para aprender antes que los demás alquilando su inteligencia: Also putting some bold thinking on a side project to develop a Digital Identity Clearing System for Spain using the national DNI as a front end authentication for e-transactions in order to avoid becoming a Big Tech digital colony! Do you want to join our “think tank”? * Views are my own. I don’t speak on behalf of an organization.