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Roxanne Darling




artist | writer | podcaster | techie | lover of nature 🌿 Santa Fe, NM LATEST DROP: EtherPoems: Spoken Word My True Love Project: Nude self-portraits in nature GENESIS DROP DRAWINGS: 🌿 Current art project: I AM: For the Love of Nature self-portraits with poetry that focuses on aging, metoo, feminism, climate, consumerism, love of nature Now on 👩‍🎨 Other Art: Exploring #CryptoArt; my partner is way ahead of me. Follow him: Shane Robinson, @limn. 🌊 Creator & host of Beach Walks with Rox ( 2.5M DL) 🌀Consciousness Studies Podcast: https://in the Free eBook: The Three You’s 👣 Partner, Bare Feet Studios LLC Creative studio & digital developers UC Berkeley B.S. 1974 Published author