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“EVERYONE WANTS TO BE REMEMBERED ” 🔹CEO of Miss-U-Gram®️ 🔹 Certified End of Life Coach 🔹 Author of Live Your Legacy: A New Spin On Mourning 🔹Certified Human Rights Consultant **Areas of Focus:** 1. **Mental Well-being:** Advocating mental health support and strategies for well-being. 2. **Emotional Equity:** Guiding individuals in coping with grief and embracing their legacy. 3. **Ministries:** Providing spiritual guidance and support. **Exclusive Services:** 1. **Guest Appearance on "Goodbye I Love You" show:** Invitation to share insights and experiences in lieu of remembrance. 2. **Personalized Memorial Gifts:** Customized gifts to honor and remember loved ones. 3. **Group Classes for Coping with Grief:** Online or in-person sessions for personal development. 4. **Legacy Cafe Roundtable:** Private memorial events in online or in-person venues. 5. **Legacy Ever After Packages:** Offering memorial listings for remembrance. 6. **Vault Remembrance Packages:** Providing afterlife care and support.