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🔹CEO of Miss-U-Gram®️, providing a global solution to cope with grief, mourning at the speed of life 🔹Certified End Of Life Coach, “bring life into death because everyone wants to be remembered” 🔹3 areas of focus are: •Mental Health Care •Physical Wellness •Ministries 🔹Board Member of: 🇺🇸 USPSC / Chairperson of LATAM / South America ( United States Presidential Services Center) 🟠 Rotary Club of Global Impact #224228 / NC, District #7680 / Secretary -President-elect 2023/24 🔹volunteer GNY RedCross / HFPT (Home Fire Prevention Team) 🏥 1-800-HELP-NOW 🔹Moderator of: ✳️ Miss-U-Gram ®️CLUB 🦋 ™️ (Amin) ✳️ The House Of Creativity™️ 🍏Live (co-mod) Lemonade Stand ™️ (co-mod)🍏🍋 ✳️ The PICTV Network 🎬 🔹WEBSITE 🔹Call our anonymous, no-reply hotline to leave a message and relieve yourself from grief. ☎️ 1-800-581-8843 *This is an End of Life Coaching System to cope with Grief. For medical emergency call ☎️ 911 *Record at your discretion *No replies *Messages deleted after 30 days 🔹Host of: 🎬 Goodbye I love You ™️ / The Presents TV Network 🎬The Legacy Show ™️ / The PIC TV Network / ROKU TV 🎬 A New Spin On Mourning ™️ / YT Channel @Miss_U_Gram 🔹PERSONAL A.K.A. - Patty First Generation American 🇺🇸🇺🇾, native language Spanish, married my best friend, mom of 2 amazing girls now women in business, grandma to a 6 year old magical unicorn, and mommy to my 2 boy labs 🦮🐕‍🦺 📍New York 🔹LinkedIn 🌐 🔹Join our club *House Miss-U-Gram 61267 🔹Payment receivable: •CashApp: $PatriciaFreudenberg •PayPal: •Venmo: @Patricia-Freudenberg 🔹Book ( pre-sale on Amazon Kindle) Release date 10/01/23 Live Your Legacy ™️ ; A practical guide book to put a new spin on mourning.