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Breathe Easy before reading 🥰 URBAN ART AF (always fun) 🎤MOD Host & Founder Human 1st Black Women 2nd Visual Artist 3rd "The love of me leaving my mark on society is not to criticize, cause controversy, but to make all ages smile, laugh and feel good. We as a society have forgotten how to feel good, and love our selves first. My inspiration for my art is to inspire your smile." Powered by Lil Art Bodega™️ MORE INFO & LINKS ⬇️ 💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧 ⬇️ “Watch Ur Word” NFT ⬇️ ———————————— 📱Main Websites 💻 📧 [email protected] Email us if you questions or topics or like to paint live or showcase your art ! 🎯Back channel for ART commissions: Let kindness fuel your mindset !