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Miriam Brewer




🦄 Allow your mess to become your message That’s what I’m doing 💩🤣🌈s✨ Fahn Lao hwahn tawng Return old age to the health and purity of a baby #now I chant what I become LIFE SPECIALIST constantly redesigning my life and others 💩🤣🌈s and ✨ #soulsignaturehealings Find me on an app called Marco Polo lots of free stuff on my shared cast #ycmtsu (you can’t make this shit up) ⭕️union lover 🙏every day mystic 💕simply loving Rumi ♥️healings 🌈reiki master 🦄magical unicorn 💕fun creator ⭕️sacred space holder 🤟certified life line 👁yoga teacher 🔥igniting your fire 🛀 sauna and cold water therapy ☮️attunements 👂personalized blessings 🤟life specialist 💕Lover of mystical poetry 🔥divine inspiration I am unapologetically me#rightnow🦄 I am a rainbow Oracle 🌈🌈🌈and I love to serve 🌎celebrate 🧞‍♂️and stretch .I am a space holder 🦄 and a magical open hearted person . Come play Paypal [email protected] I also love to see 👁people THRIVE not only survive . I am also a connector and love deep conversation. I’m a reiki master, for 20 years , studied many many modalities , I love people and animals so much 💕😻🌈⭕️♾❤️🤟🏼🤟🏼 Collaboration is so satisfying to me . I’m looking to lead a room ,, in all healing modalities , such as clearings, crystal guiding , card readings , network marketing and celebrating all , if that’s you dm me . Transmission is my permission slip to remember what you came here to do and be .mantra and blessings is my zone of genius too ♾ I love spirituality and healing🙏🌈🤟🦄❤️👣👂🏾 My story I left home at 15 ,g-d sent me on a quest of healing . Along the way I had several mentors , Lisa Nichols, Esther Hicks, David TS wood , Robert kiasaki, Dr D Martini , Louise Hays , Wayne Dwyer and so many more , lessons became BLESSONS and the rest is history .Today I serve many and work along side Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos and teams all over the world .🌎 FEELING GRATEFUL AND VALUED Open this link to join my Miriamisms Moments And Practices Sharecast on Marco Polo. Instagram moments with Miriam Miriambrewer_