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Minh Do




Came for the audio, stayed for the people. Feel free to send me a voice note. Happy to chat with new friends! About me: Have spent the majority of my career in tech, as a: journalist, VC, and entrepreneur. Currently building and consulting for projects and companies that need strategy, product, tech, content, and fundraising support with my team at Fantastic Day. We are actively looking for entrepreneurs, projects and companies to work with that need help building their products and companies. When I first got into clubhouse, I fooled around and poked around on the app, at bugs and features. But as I experimented, I found it to be a new home for my creative self, creating clubs around my favorite topics (philosophy, meditation, Asia, games) and making new and close friends. I was lucky enough to play Timon in the Lion King production on Xmas 2020, and went on to do a series of audio productions with my team at Audiotorium, where we produced or collaborated on over 50 audio productions in scifi, horror, fantasy, interviews, variety shows and more working with artists like Joe Manganiello, Wyclef Jean, Tori Spelling, Michael Dorn, Lakeith Stanfield and more. I've continued to explore creative outlets in podcasts, Tiktok and writing. And...I'm still here.