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Jennifer Tosian




I am America’s Mindset Muse and creator of the Subliminal Vision Boards app. A multi-sensory visualization experience! It is Revolutionizing the Coaching and Wellness Industry! The time is NOW for us to consistently focus on positivity, Self Love and Self Empowerment. Tap into the true powerful creator that we are, remove limited beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us and witness Divine alignment with our greatest potential! Subliminal Vision Boards app helps you: 🧠Create new neural pathways 🗣Create new rewiring scripts 🧞Tap into the true Creator and Powerful Manifestor within you! 📺 As Seen on NBC, CBS and FOX 📻 Co-host on Quantum Growth Club Woman Empowerment hour on CH 🎙Radio Show Host on Passionate World Talk Radio 🧠Check out my Passion Project, Subliminal Vision Boards app and start creating the Life You Desire and Deserve! 14 DAY FREE TRIAL 💗 Available for iOS and Android