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Aka the Farming Accountant Build Your Legacy Thru Accounting, Funding, Business and Land Ownership WWW.THEBEESILO.COM 👉🏾WWW.LANDCRYPTO.IO👈🏾 Private Conversations Text LANDCRYPTO to 404-714-5142 Text QUICKBOOKs for my Accounting setup course Ask me questions about Land🛤, Legacy, Farming🥦, Husbandry, Family, Business 🚀Start 🆙 ,💰Cash Flows , Personal & Business Credit 💳, Accounting 🧾, Taxation, Automations, History and LandCrypto. If I don’t know I will can reach into my network. 🍎🍐🍇🍑🍊🍓🫐🍋 Everything you will hear me speak about is authenticated knowledge. My Firm is responsible for accelerating profits, posterity, and funding. ____________________________________ Management System (LMS) Current Courses: 🔐Business Start up | 🔐Land Investments  | 🔐Stock investing | 🔐Credit restoration | 🔐Estate Planning and more.. Business IG: @myfinancialid 🧾LinkedIn: Javares Banks Bitclout: javaresbanks Bitclout: legacythinktank 👉🏾👈🏾 📍Atlanta, GA