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Christine Arseneau




Doctor of pharmacy 👩‍⚕️ Functional Medicine Health Coach 🪴 Rootist and ❤️‍🩹 Self-Healing Advocate NEW training! 💪Eliminate you autoimmune joint pain with these 3 Secrets… Register here: If you are struggling with a chronic complex health challenge, watch my FREE healthinar, How I Cured My Chronic Lyme Disease- the #1 Thing You Need to Know That Doctors Aren’t Talking About! 👉 I support clients in getting to the ROOT cause of chronic pain and disease so they can RECLAIM their LIFE! 💪 Want to learn to be resilient in a world full of toxins? Grab my detox guide with my own personal detox routines: I’m a recovering pharmacist, now FREE from Lyme disease and MULTIPLE co-infections! 🦠 I went from being too fatigued to walk my dog around the block to running multiple businesses and creating health coaching programs to heal others using not only my training and education with 14 years in healthcare, but also everything I have learned in my PERSONAL experience of healing. Ready to go from Surviving to THRIVING? If you are looking to navigate your chronic complex disease and reclaim health, hope and joy… ☎️ Book a phone consultation with me: I’ll teach you how to take your power back, use your intuition, connect with nature and mend your relationship with your body so you can truly heal. Let me guide you on your journey of addressing mind, body and soul so you can truly heal and THRIVE after major health challenges like Lyme disease. 👩‍⚕️ Pharm.D. 🌿 Certified Cannabis Pharmacist 👩‍🏫Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach 🧞‍♀️Mindset Magician ✍️ Author of multiple eBooks 🦠THRIVING after Lyme disease, cancer, and multiple infections Creator of: 🦸‍♀️ Surviving Lyme- 90 Days to Navigate Your Disease and Reclaim Your Health! And ⚡️Joint Pain Away 90 Day Intensive 👇Let’s connect! Send a message to [email protected] Check out my website: LinkedIn: 🎥 YouTube: Lyme Support Some of my favorite things: 🦶 barefoot hikes 🧘‍♀️ meditation and mindfulness 💃 dancing 🌿 time in nature 🏝 located in St. Augustine, Florida NOT medical advice. My own experiences-professional expertise-opinion