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Becky Schmooke




As the founder of BECKY’S MINDFUL KITCHEN, I speak on mindful leadership based on stoic wisdom, putting words into action, provide leadership and organizational health consulting, and run on-site and virtual leadership workshops. Amor Fati is how I live my life- love your fate. My focus is on turning obstacles into opportunities, recognizing what is in your control and loving the process over outcome. Why “kitchen”? The kitchen is a place to gather and have true connection, to be creative and learn new skills. Leaders must understand how to cook, not just follow a recipe. On-site workshops do include cooking in the farmhouse style commercial kitchen! Leaders make those around them better by making themselves better first. My leadership workshops are based in Stoic philosophy and modern mindfulness. We take businesses through our own strategic planning process, leadership training and team building play based exercises. Looking for a podcast guest or speaker? I bring humor and stories to all of my events and believe in motivating change that lasts a lifetime! 🪓Meditating to me is an hour in our timber splitting my wood. 🥋I do jiu jitsu instead of yoga to reach a mental place of quiet. Bonus facts: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Mom of 3 girls, wife of one husband. I have a bonus, not step daughter. 💗 ⚕️T1 diabetic 👊ADHD diagnosed at age 32yrs old- and working to remove the stigma! 💗 In recovery after 20 years of bulimia and anorexia. 🐐🐓I breed dairy goats and have around 75 chickens. 💄🕯🧼 I make organic make up, soaps and candles to gift to those in my community. 🗣I teach workshops for teens and adults on how to have respectful and successful discourse both on and off social media. 👩‍🍳🍃🌿I run camps and workshops using cooking and nature to teach kids how to build confidence, resilience and mindfulness. Find a truly special community built on kindness and laughter on my IG or FB page. Want to connect? DM me. You can also view past online cooking classes on my FB page.