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Girish Harinath




I am a geroscientist — study the fascinating biology of aging. Studying how we get disease is interesting, studying how we build resilience is transformative I am extremely passionate about empowering individuals to improve their healthy longevity (otherwise known as “healthspan”) and live a high quality life. I do this through my role as CSO & geroscientist at Mykigai where I distill the rigorous scientific research into actionable insights that help you redefine the way you live your life and the way you age Personalized, wholistic, and integrative approach Mindset Sleep Community Diet Stress Management Supplements Longevity drugs Longevity technologies and biomarkers Cellular therapies Fasting Behavioral Change Microbiome Cultivating Resilience If you are interested in learning more please drop your email on my linktree (Girish@Mykigai); link also on my Facebook and insta: If you are interested in having a one-on-one session with me where I do comprehensive research to help you optimize your healthspan , please feel free to backchannel message me personally. Mykigai is a longevity community focused on enhancing healthspan by curating and applying the rigorous science in a holistic and personalized manner. Mykigai operates at the intersection of leading edge science and ancient wisdom. Let’s start getting prescriptive with our lifestyle habits! Mindful Aging: Live Longer, Suffer Less Transforming the lens through which we view the process of aging. One moment at a time Define your longevity philosophy, craft your longevity strategy Cellular & Molecular Biology Biotechnology and Genomics Systems Physiology Neuroscience Geroscientist Evolutionary Biology Science Communicator Entrepreneurial Mindset Longevity Crusader Family man