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Ashlynd Tuffentsamer




unbothered divine fem doing hot girl shit with her higher self 💅🏽 WEALTH FREQUENCY 💸✨ MASTERCLASS 07.07.22 DM for the link! ✨ here to inspire you out of your cycles and into your potential ✨ host of the mindFLOWERS. podcast [streaming on all platforms] founder of BLOOM 🌸 the mindFLOWERS. membership DM “TRANSMUTE” for a free copy of “F*ck The Chaos” — my guide for transmuting fear and anxiety 🧠 Certified NLP [Neurolinguistic Programming], EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] & TFT [Thought-Field Therapy] Practitioner 🦋 Certified Transformation Life Coach 📲 if you dig the vibe; text “MINDFLOWERS” to 18332520307 taurus ☀️ pisces 🌙 sagittarius 🔝 manifesting generator 4/6 My idea of a vibe: 💫 An intimate conversation about existentialism, the matrix and self-mastery