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Marshall Jones




Marshall Davis Jones is the founder of MindBodySpeak; and the author of Tonal Influence™ - A Guide to Listen Better, Speak Clearer and Set the Tone. Marshall’s techniques win negotiations, deescalate conflicts and acquire business relationships across multiple industries. Marshall works with renowned speakers, industry leaders and various organizations from youth development to law enforcement.
 He sits on multiple advisory boards for tech companies as an expert on human vocal performance and affective presence. Besides writing and speaking globally, he has played a narrative consultant role for two documentaries and contributes to industry strategy via think tanks. Marshall was awarded recognition as one of the top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) via the UN. He’s also had poems flown by NASA into space. You can find him playing himself in Ray Romano’s Somewhere in Queens. Book Marshall for: Strategic Storytelling Deescalation Training Affective Presence Mediation / Retention / Relationship Management