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🌶️🧿🤘🏼 🦋Social Entrepreneur 👩🏻‍💻Co-founder - Accessible Tech ♿️Disability Policy Advocacy (Early Childhood) 👊🏼Women & Children’s Rights Advocate 🌳Tree Hugger ☠️ Rebel 🧿 Strega (Witch) ⚒ Patriarchy Smasher 🌏 Nomad ⚠️ ⛔️ If you’re a misogynist, I will troll you until you cry, then moisturise my face with your tears. ⛔️⚠️ Founder of the Smashing Patriarchy Club. This club explores the rise and history of Patriarchy and how and why it’s a system of domination, dehumanisation, slavery and oppression. It explores how we might dismantle, divest and heal from patriarchy, restore balance and seek justice, and step into our personal power and sovereignty. Follow and join! *********************************************** Disclaimer: My presence or moderation of a room ≠ my endorsement or agreement. I do not consent to being recorded without my permission. ***********************************************