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Miles Kessler




☸️Meditation Teacher (Vipassana), 🈴Aikido Sensei, & 🗣Director of The Integral Dojo | Follow The Integral Dojo Club on ♣️🏠 ———————————————————— ≈≈≈ Formal Practice Background ≈≈≈ ⛩ Spent 8 years in Japan studying Aikido at the renound Iwama Dojo under the guidance of the late Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th Dan). ☸️ Spent 3 years in Burma and Nepal on intensive silent Vipassana meditation retreats, practicing in the Mahasi tradition under the guidance of the late Sayadaw U Pandita, and Sayadaw Vivekananda. 🙏 Practice Mantra 🙏 “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” - Max Planck 🃏 Typology: 🥳 Enneagram: Self Pres 7 👨‍💼Myers-Briggs: ENFP ☸️ Yogi Type: Annata - Non-Self 🍦Ben & Jerry’s: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 🛎 Ping/invite me if you want perspectives or insights about meditation, aikido, and integral spirituality in your room. I have over 20,000 hours logged teaching and facilitating personal development, practice communities, and human potential. Born 🇺🇸 in Dallas, Texas, USA. Lived in 🇯🇵 Japan for 8 years, 2 years in 🇲🇲Myanmar (Burma), & 1 year in 🇳🇵Nepal. Currently living in 🇮🇱 Tel Aviv, Israel. Website: ⭕️ CONTACT: ⭕️ [email protected] YOUTUBE: ⭕️ IntegralDojoTV I host conversations with teachers and experts at the leading edge of meditation, Aikido, and integral spirituality.