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Career, Job Search, Interviews, & Resume Coach Career Success Secrets ⬆️Job Offers! ⬆️💰⬆️😃 IMPORTANT: I am rarely on Clubhouse. Please follow me or message me on another platform if you'd like more regular contact w/me 🎤Career Success Secrets & How to Land Any Job 🎉Original Shark from Shark Tank called me "Top Career Thought Leader" ❤️I'm on a MISSION to empower millions to fulfilling careers that they love thru better jobs making more 💵 Tap 🔔 & click ALWAYS to find my rooms 📍Los Angeles 🎯My Clients Have Received Up to 6 Job Offers & Landed Jobs w/in 30 days 🎯During COVID, my clients have landed Jobs, Promotions, & Salary Increases up to 60% 🎯 Helped 10s of thousands land better careers Ages 20-80 💼 Clients include(d) leaders from Adobe, AIESEC, Amazon, AMC Networks, AON, Apple, BCG, Bebe, Challenger Gray, Cisco, Facebook, Fox, Fox Sports, Google, Guess, HBO, MasterCard, McKinsey, Medtronic, Microsoft, Netflix, Oracle, Pfizer, Purdue, Salesforce, Snap, Sysco, Tesla, Thunderbird, Victoria's Secret, Yum! Brands, Ziprecruiter, Zoom, university career centers, & more ✳️MOD Topics Include✳️ Careers Job Offers Interviews Resumes LinkedIn Networking Courage Confidence Anxiety / Fear Mentorship Promotions Salary Raises Salary Negotiation How to Reach VP & C-suite 🦉🏆Advisor to CEOs, Corp. Presidents, & VPs. Clients been promoted to VP & C-level sometimes in <12 mos. 🎤🤓 Mentor to 10s of thousands from speaking to audiences @60+ universities worldwide incl IIT Delhi (#1 India), Maryland, Purdue, Rose Hulman (#1 Engineering), Thunderbird (#1 Intl Business), UCLA, & more! 🎤🤩Called "The Best Speaker of the Conference!" @ Natl Assoc Of Colleges & Employers being invited to speak in 3 consecutive yrs 👨‍💻For Business inquiries, 1on1 coaching, group coaching, keynotes, speaking engagements, trainings, podcast/media requests, & proposals 📬[email protected] 👨‍💻Follow me👩‍💻 for FREE advice at: 🏆Join My Facebook Group: CareerSuccessSecretsNow Facebook @Realmiketomasello LinkedIn @careersuccesssecrets ✈️ I've been to 33+ states, 11+ countries, & I've worked w/43+ countries. Personal 😍Mindfulness, Meditation, Personal growth, & Spirituality 🛩 Favs 🇺🇸🇦🇲🇻🇪🇧🇷🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇲🇹🖤