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🇳🇬 but my 🫶🏾 is in 🇰🇪 4L🤞🏾 •pronounced [MOH-LOH-WOH] [BOH-LOO-WAH-TEE-FEH] •Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner student👨🏾‍⚕️📚🧠💊💉🔜👨🏾‍🎓
•Healthcare entrepreneur 💰🏥🤝🏾 •Mental health advocate🫂🧠
•World traveler🛫🌎 •Engaged💍👩🏾‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏾 •FOLLOW ME on Chatter🗣️: @mikebmadeit 
A firm believer that mental health is wealth, so cherish and manage it wisely! ⬇️

📌If you or someone you know are having thoughts of suicide, ‘988’ provides 24/7 connection to confidential support. There is hope. You are not alone. Just call or text ‘988’ or visit, ‘988’ connects you with a trained crisis counselor who can help!🫂

⚠️DISCLAIMER: Any voice notes or direct messages seeking medical or psychiatric advice will be IGNORED. Please consult with your primary provider for concerns related to your psychological and physical wellbeing. My presence in any room or stage is not a reflection/endorsement of my personal views or beliefs. The opinions expressed on this application are solely for entertainment and do not necessarily reflect those of my employers, its affiliates, or other entities that they represent. Only here for the 🧢 and to engage in healthy dialogue. I DO NOT consent to any use of my personal photos or voice without any written or expressed permission. Any person or persons in violation of the disclaimer will be subject to LEGAL ACTION👩‍⚖️👮🏼 Have a blessed day!