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Welcome 🙏 Two years on Clubhouse February 12th, 2023 🎈 I am Michael, Artist, Author of (c) 10GATES GPS for the Soul and the creator of the original Sustainable Travel Club and now the House on Clubhouse and the Chairman of 10GATES MATRIX INC., New, super exciting role is Transformation Strategist with the Transformational Travel Council! The Transformational Travel Council is the leading advocate for a new era of travel and tourism that goes beyond sustainability to embrace a holistic approach to environmental, social, and economic well-being. Through our Destination Regeneration Places Program and Transformational Travel Design Program, we are committed to promoting tourism ecology and creative design, while supporting local economies and enhancing the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. Our Transformational Travel Economy is built on the principles of responsible tourism economics, ensuring that travel and tourism contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes for all stakeholders. ❤️ My PASSION is to share my Spiritual Path through authentic Transformational experiences with Mother Earth and Her Peoples. My INTENTION: is to provide positive disruption and unwavering leadership to ‘reset the mindset’ and enhance the lives of those I meet on the Path to conscious living and Sustainable Tourism & Travel. ✅ CEO The NEST Project: Niagara Escarpment for Sustainable Travel (founded 2020) the first independent Not-for-Profit Destination Management Organization 💯% focused on Research and Education for life shaping Transformational Travel and Destination Regeneration Travel and Tourism well beyond wellness and sustainability according to TTC methodology, innovation and experience. 🌿 HTTPS:// http://sustainabletravehub.Com Club admins may track room stats via