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Miguel de Jesús




✅ I teach Sales and Sales Management, International Marketing and Sales, and Leadership. I have 4 published books, and am available to be a podcast guest ✅ 📚Adjunct Professor, Cal State University San Marcos, College of Business Administration.📚 ✅ If you are interested in developing your “emotional intelligence”, quickly, please feel free to download my complimentary ebook on the subject here: ✅ 💯 Over 12k Followers on LinkedIn. 👀To get our complimentary 64 page report about the Cannibus Industry in San Diego County, go here 👀: 🌈 Marketing Consultant 🌈 ❇️ Board Member, Carlsbad, CA Chamber of Commerce and San Diego North Economic Development Council. ❇️ 💢 Are you a Founder who is ready to network, present your services and solutions to hungry global investors and clients? Looking for a co-founder? Please fill out this founder presentation interest form: 💢Join us at our next FoundersLive San Diego, CA Event: 💢 Entreprenuer, Digital Marketing Professional. Certified Professional Coach through the College of Executive Coaching. MBTI, EI, DISC, Gallup Strengths, and Kolbe certified. To download my complimentary book about how to develop your Emotional Intelligence go here: ✳️ I am a volunteer executive coach with the Honor Foundation ( helping transitioning active duty military, SOF and Navy Seals, Delta Force and Marine Raiders. ✳️ I have run a $250M sales organization with about 1500 people. Helped to scale a business from $40M - $2.1B in 20 years. 🇺🇸 ❤️ Learn more about how we support entrepreneurs, business organizations and non-profits.❤️