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MICK (Mick Batyske)




DJ / Investor / Advisor / Speaker / Dad 🎧 Probably deejayed a fun party you’ve been to. 🥃 DJ for The Speakeasy on Clubhouse 💸 May have invested in a company you enjoy. ❌ Advising start-ups + brands via my new endeavor: The Xavier Co 🔀 See more at: 📈 Bitclout: MICKclout 🎙 I launched #theMICKshow podcast. Available here: 👲🏽 Most importantly, I’m a home-schooling father of the most amazing 5 year old on the planet. 💻 More on me: MICK.FYI 📟 Reach out: [email protected] 💳 Cash App / Venmo: MickAndMyles