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Michelle Maskaly




Corp comms, media relations, marketing, content strategist | pharma, biotech | human & animal health | dog obsessed | outdoorsy | future of health | recovering journalist | Akimbo Alumni | MM+M 40 Under 40 | health and wellness 🧬 life sciences communicator & marketer 🀩 helping brands, people and businesses shine πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ MS caregiver since 5-years-old 🐢🐒🦎🐠🦜 passionate about animals and animal health 🐢 currently cares for a dog diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy 🐢 previously navigated 17-months of canine lymphoma πŸ€“ enjoys learning new things ✈️ adventure junkie 🌡🌻 plant rescuer πŸŒ²β›° πŸ›Ά nature enthusiast 🍷πŸ₯‚ novice πŸ’» remote work proponent πŸ€” considerate thinker βœ–οΈformer pet industry trade pub editor, corporate social media marketing at Bloomberg & Bloomberg TV, editor at FOX News Channel, senior editor and podcast co-host at Pharm Exec magazine, editorial director at international healthcare publication, social media coordinator at PR firm, journalist at Gannett, Newhouse. How can I help you? DMs are open to connect. [email protected] Disclaimer: My views and comments on this app do not reflect those of my current or previous employers.