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Michelle Maree




Transformational Coach, Consultant and Trainer on Trauma-Informed Care/Speaker/Embodiment Specialist/Stage Presence Coach. Feminine Leaders hire me to... ✨get them out of their heads and back into their bodies ✨dismantle stories of shame and rewrite the scripts that will help them thrive ✨break through limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and self-doubt ✨reclaim their sexual energy, creativity, vitality and magnetism ✨remember the essence of who they are so that they can live and love with purpose, power and deep 💗 ✨speak their truth unapologetically ✨show up powerfully and authentically on stages/video ✨mine their unique stories for the gold that will help their “Hell YESSS” client say yes to themselves & YOUR services. ✨ consult and mentor then and their staff on supporting challenging cases/clients and ensure they are providing trauma-aware care 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Come join my new Club “The Deep End of the Pool”🌊🌊🌊 Pronouns she/her 💋I am also a(an) Sacred Rebel/Trauma and Disordered Eating-Body Image Specialist/Daughter-Mother-Wife-Lover/Status Quo Breaker/Performer/Storyteller/Director/Actor/Truth-Teller/Social Justice and Inclusion Advocate/Perpetual Student/Story Coach/Spiritual Woman/Visibility and Feminine Leadership Coach/Hypnotherapist/Brainspotter/EFT-Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner/Psychotherapist/Collaborator and Breaker of Scarcity and Competition Myths/Sexy Over 40 Goddess and Queen 🧜🏻‍♀️Services that I Provide _________________________________ 👉🏻Keynotes 👉🏻Expert Panelist 👉🏻Podcast/Radio Guest 👉🏻Workshops/Trainings 👉🏻Group Coaching 👉🏻VIP Days/Weekends 👉🏻1:1 Coaching/Consulting/Mentorship 👉🏻Clubhouse Moderator 👉🏻Collaborator 💋 I am the founder of Neuro-Soma Coaching and Consulting. I support feminine entrepreneurs who are ready to rise, show up fully and authentically, increase their visibility and share their unique wisdom with the world. I blend my expertise in theatre/performance, psychotherapy, neuroscience, embodiment, speaker training and transformational coaching to help womxn go deep and rediscover their unique magic so they can embody it, share it and profit from it. I play at the deep end of the pool. Let’s dive in shall we? 🌊 💥I am here on Clubhouse to network, share value, meet multi passionate like-minded souls and learn. 🏝Let’s connect!!! @ Website: 📩Email Address: [email protected] 💵 $mhguptill 🌲