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Michelle Young




<she/ella/we> 🗝 Growing & learning every day. Passionate about building community, supporting artists and giving back. Collaboration & community > competition Authentic relationships > “networking” Ambivert. Nondualism. 🔵(PMS293) 💫 Multi-hyphenate Creative & Dot Connector 🧳 13 yrs in Entertainment, Experiential/Festival Production & Promotion, Mental Health, & Spirituality 🏝 LA/Tongva Land & Puerto Vallarta 💃🏻 Xicanx & working on my Spanish 🧠 Neurodivergent •Social Entrepreneur •Co-Founder •Creative & Experience Producer/Promoter/Strategist •Artivist (writer, poet, singer-songwriter, actress) •Community Organizer •Mental Health & Wellness Advocate •Speaker/Emcee •Consultant MY COMPANY: ROVE IG- •Feat. in Billboard, Variety, 88.5FM (SoCal), etc. •Support nonprofits incl. NAMI, The Trevor Project & Saving Innocence. CLUBS: •The Box Presents •What’s Next L.A.? C: $MichelleYoung | V: @michelleinla PayPal: [email protected] LET’S DISCUSS & I WANT TO LEARN: Mental Health 🧠, ADHD, Autism, Wellness, Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️, Mindfulness, Vulnerability, Social Impact, Consciousness, Philosophy, Spirituality, Religion, Music 🎶 , Poetry, Entertainment Business, Comedy, Community Organizing, Intentional Communities, Restorative Justice, Politics, Future of Philanthropy, Startups, Investing, Experiential Marketing, Psychedelics 🍄 , Cannabis 🌱, Hiking, Nature, Space, Neuroscience, Behavioral Therapy, Technology, Quantum Theory, Culture, Sociology, Anthropology PERSONAL MANIFESTO: I desire, with my every fiber, to make a difference in the world I live in.  To work towards ending homelessness and starvation. To abolish slavery in its' very modern and very real forms. To help bring reconciliation or peace to families torn apart by diseases like addiction and hatred. I want every person to know that they matter, that they're loved. I want every person to embrace who they are, and let go of who they are not; regardless of what anyone else may think. I want to use the arts to make these things happen. Often, the most rebellious thing one can do is choose to live in peace and act with love. As a society, we're so concerned with labels, we forget that the ONLY one that matters is, "human". Our differences should be celebrated because they're beautiful. You, whoever you are, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. We can all make an impact in our world. Every small thing counts. Every human interaction matters. 🌞♓️ • 🌚♌️ • ⬆️♍️ 11/2•INFJ•6/2Manifesting Generator