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Helping high achievers find their deepest zone of genius & their $10,000 p/hr activity. Author of The Genius Within. Created a Dream 100 list yet? It’s the secret strategy Buffett & Russell Brunson have used to build their business. Create Your Dream 100: My clients call me Magic Mike because I make magic in their lives. I am 2 core things: 1. Top Entrepreneur Mentor: for 6 & 7 figure thought leaders I help re-wire their identity & build. 2. Business Architect-I help you design the business you want around your zone of genius. ✅Started 16 businesses in real estate, fashion, automotive, marketing, & coaching. ✅Made millions in good decisions and done 9 figures in revenue. Lost millions in mistakes. 🙈 ✅ Master NLP practitioner, which gives me some tools to re-wire your identity & Claim Your Power. Featured in Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider, Mentorbox & many more. Text GeniusU to 474747 to get the 6 step guide to finding your zone of genius. 💥Mentor & Coach to top entrepreneurs in the expert space & the e-commerce with my 9 figure partner Colin Wayne (founder of Redline Steel). 💥Want an irresistible offer that your 4% client can’t say no to? Interesting facts: 🔥Spent 1447 hours with Tony Robbins. 🕴Was in a Super Bowl commercial with Peyton Manning & was a SAG actor/model & a hand model ✋🏼 📚Read 1500+ books on psychology, sales, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship. ✈️My wife & I travel to one of the world’s 50 most beautiful cities & live for 1 month. 🚗 Gave away nearly $300,000 in cars to single mothers w/a previous social venture. What I care about: 🔥Unleashing talented people’s divine potential. 🔥Social justice for all people. 🔥Clean water initiatives. More people die of preventable water borne illnesses than any other cause. 💰My mastermind for successful coaches, authors, speakers, podcasters: 💰Founders Mastery is our E-commerce mastermind for 7 & 8 figure ecommerce entrepreneurs w/my brilliant partner Colin Wayne. My profiles: 💥Creator: Wealth Dynamics. 💥INTP. 💥4-3-9-3 on the Kolbe. 💥Relator, ideation, intellection, connectedness, belief. Podcast interviews: [email protected]