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Founder a generative art toolset to create 3D collections. 305 NFT collab with MiamiCoin „Clubhouse’s Social Play Guy“. Help scale radical empathy on Clubhouse and beyond. Join Social Play Club👇🏽 Step out of yourself, find your tribe 🎁 👇🏽 Linktree on socials Bio Founder Wonderland Immersive Design. We build transformative experiences & conscious leadership. We produce, design and facilitate immersive experiences with selected clients. 🚀Burning Man Org 🚀Columbia University 🚀Yossi Vardi’s DLD and Kinnernet 🚀TOA Berlin Founder Immersive Design Club. First immersive community on CH (XR,VR,AR, Immersive theater, escape rooms, theme parks, robotics, space, experiential education). Join bellow . 👇🏽 Jerusalem born theatre director turned XR tech founder in Berlin. Just relocated to LA, Topanga Co created the Israeli Palestinian room on clubhouse where I had the honor to see half a million people listen and co-resist . Founder/CEO, ☄️Splash,SXSW winner VR app 💥Spilly: AR/AI app licensed to Giphy inc. 🔥Conflicts Zone Arts Asylum, a network of artists from conflict zones 👁 Find me talking about 😂 Play to meditate conflict. 🧠 How to grow your EQ. 🔥 Radical diversity in leadership. ❤️ Digital intimacy for virtual spaces ✊🏿How to make CH a SM Wikipedia 🌈Israel-Palestine, one state future prototyping 🤯 Positive Sci-fi as a prophet to distrupt our tech bubble priorities. Support my journey MichaelRonen.eth Paypal [email protected]