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Michaela Merten




💃🏼Coach für weibl.Führungskräfte 🙋🏼‍♀️Mindfulness.Meditation.Mental Health 📚STERN Bestseller Autorin ☀️Co-Founder of Happiness House Coaching-Platform & Community 🏡 🇩🇪 CH Happiness House 🏡 🇬🇧 CH Happiness & Mindfulness 🎬 Meditation YouTube: Michaela Merten 🦋 ☀️ www.Happiness-House. 🎧 Podcast „Happy like a Buddha“ ☀️Featured in: ELLE, Gala,Cosmopolitan,ARD,ZDF,Sat1,RTL, Freundin, Happinez,Focus,Vanity Fair. 💡Interests: Conscious Mind | Mental Health | Emotional Intelligence | Quantum Physics | NeuroScience | Brain Optimisation 🎊 Find me on Wikipedia ( German & English) 📍🇩🇪🇬🇧based in Munich & London 🥇Awarded as the most popular German actress in 1999. ☀️Conscious Leadership Consultant 😇 Known as The Voice of Meditation 💦Being an expert on water and its benefits, her book "Water - the key to beauty and health" entered the bestseller list right away, many other bestselling books about personal development followed. 💧Ambassador for the Waterfoundation 🌟Together with my husband and many times co-author Pierre Franckh - an international bestselling author - we published over 40 titels, sold alone in Germany about 3.5 Million. 🌟Founders of Happiness House, an Online Academy & Community for Personal Development