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03/26/2023 6:00 PM

Release Negative Emotions

What Body ⛔️ Part Hurts? VOLUNTEER

Got Aches & Pains? What Body Part ⛔️ Hurts? Michael has given over 1,700 sessions here on Clubhouse. He has had extreme success reducing and eliminating physical pain within minutes. VOLUNTEER 👋👋👋 1. What ONE specific body part hurts, and where? 2. What is severity 1 to 10? 1ST time Volunteers join me. If you've had a session, join in and share your successful results. Certified Emotion...

03/29/2023 2:30 PM

Landing Big Whales

Training: Business and Law of Attraction 📚 Bring 🗒 & 🖊

Training with 🇨🇦 Author, Law of Attraction 📚  Bring 🗒 & 🖊 🗓 Every Wednesday 7:30am PT Landing Big Whales Club Michael gives tools on how to apply Law of Attraction to your business. Interviewed by Oprah 4 times. Find out why. Michael's book Law of Attraction was self published in 2003. Since then It has sold 4 million copies in 37 languages. He was interview 4️⃣ times by Oprah Win...