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Michael Losier



friends 🇨🇦 Victoria BC My Oprah and Law of Attraction Connection. 🇨🇦 Author of Law of Attraction (self-published 2003) 4 million copies in 37 languages Oprah Winfrey 🎙 Interviewed Michael 4 times, then he hosted his own show on ⭕ Oprah & Friends Radio. Certified 470 Law of Attraction Facilitators in 17 Countries. Author of:                 Law of Attraction                 Law of Connection N.L.P.                 Your Life’s Purpose Hosts two clubs (see below):    🗓 Law of Attraction.     🗓 Release Negative Emotions room As of june 1, 2023, I have worked one on one ON CLUBHOUSE with 1,900 people in the Release Negative Emotions club.  Book an appointment at #EmotionCode #ReleasingNegativeEmotioms #HeartWall #NLP