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Micha Cooper




Founder, CEO - Soleil Entertainment & Soleil Space |🎥Producer | 🎙Podcast Host @SOLEIL SPOTLIGHT| 🌍 Global South Citizen & Advocate|🇹🇹Proud Trini | Howard x LSE Alumna | Former Fortune 100 Marketing Exec (Nike, Jordan, DIAGEO, Kraft, PepsiCo). Join us on Clubhouse @ Soleil Space Club About Soleil - We are a media company of global content creators for the Global South diasporas of Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America & Middle East. We shine light (because Soleil means sun;)) on stories that connect these communities and champion narratives and creators that are authentic to these cultures. Our mission - to create a truly equitable and representative global film & TV entertainment industry. What We Do - Soleil Entertainment - Film, TV, Branded Content Production Soleil Spotlight - Podcast Soleil Space - Community Platform