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Mauro Costa




✊🏾Perseverance! 🇦🇴 Angola born | 🇺🇸 USA based | 🌍 World citizen! Bulkitrade is a B2B marketplace that connects emerging food & beverage brands with international retailers, wholesalers and distributors by combining the e-commerce, supply-chain, fintech (embedded) and data analytics for order optimization from a single location. In sum, we work to eliminate the risk, the uncertainty and the fears of international trade to supply and demand in the Food&Bev Industry. Our vision is to bring economic development to every corner of the world by enabling their businesses to access international markets. And, our mission is to empower emerging brands to distribute their products beyond national borders. 🗺️ Therefore, we are interested in working with ecosystems that allow us to create clusters of products (by regions, categories, etc). The B2B marketplace of the Food and Beverage Industry. Always available to connect!! LinkedIn: