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R. Bretminster Fullofit



friends R. Bretminster Fullofit, in full Radical Bretminster Fullofit, (born December 1994, 23rd and 3rd NY, NY),  Original Togetherland ringmaster, visionary troubadour, concept architect, and metta futurist who is conceiving Togetherland — the only planetary scale social fractal impact entertainment innovation set directly on the ground of being as an emergent structure and the only practical kind of invention that has no limiting dimensions. Also a cryptopoet and philosopher, Fullofit is noted for unorthodox ideas on global issues.  Bretminster has been on a nomadic journey around the world with his wife “Tansegrity’ and friends pollinating radical change through spirit-motivated social action. Through his explorations and praxis, he has become an undercover thought leader on topics such as self organization, new economics, gifting, sociotechnologies, activism, co-creation and conscious evolution. As a professional networker, netweaver and resonance recruitment specialist, Bretminster has a ‘Friendship Agenda‘ and is always happy to help co-createurs in whatever ways he is able to support. With a strong trust network of heart based change agents across disciplines and purpose, all bases are covered! As a metta futurist, gonzo jouranlist, storyliver and cryptopoet, Bretminster likes to explore new concepts, possibilities and realities for our life on Earth, and then report back with his findings and thereby invite others into a new emerging story and the Age of Co- creation. His new playcast is just coming online with some pilot episodes.  As a Concept Architect he has spent the past 10 years deeply immersed in the embodied research, design and development of preposterous stories, new realities, and spirit-motivated social architectures and sociotechnologies. While he has many creative outlets, his life’s work includes two specific missions: (1) to help spark a rebirth and renaissance for philanthropy leading to a new paradigm for how we produce and share the products, goods and services of the world, and (2) to catalyze systemic mental health reformation.   In his role as Bret Alan Warshawsky, (born January 10th 1975, Howell, NJ),  occupying the noosphere,  he was a co-founding steward of the S7 Foundation (creators of the ´Noomap´ prototype platform), and currently he is co-creating the Together Life System, and Symphonics (new website on the way) with his wife Andrea and their peers.