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David Burgess




THE MAGIC OF MINDSET ? Mental health advocate 🖤 Mindset Coach Corporate magician Magic school >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 📍Liverpool : UK🇬🇧 He/Him >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> After surviving a life or Death Liver transplant on the 05/05/22 And using my Skills in (NLP) Nero linguistic programming Hypnosis And being a master coach. I am setting up a blueprint to unlock your mind and true potential if you want to know more dm me MIND on Instagram I have just launched my AMAZING MAGIC-SCHOOL follow me on Instagram and the link is the my bio make sure you sign up for all ages 🪄🎩 Award Winning, Close Up Magician as seen on 📺Channel 4 on the front cover of switch onto business magazine Clients include 🏎Formula 1 💳American Express 🏧Barclays Bank, ⚽️ Liverpool FC, Everton & Manchester United. ✈️British Airways 🏢FSB (Federation of small business) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Business Interests: 📈Successful Entrepreneur 📱 Clubhouse Moderator 🪄Magician 🤝Mindset Coach MASTER PRACTITIONER IN 🧠NLP Time Line Therapy® 😵‍💫Hypnosis Personal 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Dad of 2 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Family youngest of 6 🏍Motor bike fanatic 🍝 Lasagne 🏔Mountain Climbing 🧘🏼‍♂️Meditation 🧠Dyslexic 👨‍🎓ADHD 📒Switch onto business magazine 🥶🌊Wim Hof cold exposure and breath 77510