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Melissa Curran




🔺️🔺️CEO & Founder @ModernMindGroup "Emotioneering®️ human performance not engineering it!" People Operations (HR) and Performance Consultancy *BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF EMOTIONEERING BUSINESS RESULTS* 💫Helping Teams Emotioneer Record Breaking Results 🔥Helping companies with employees get record breaking results, increase profits and professionally develop their people - this is only achievable with my *Emotioneering®️ Business Blueprint* ☑️ People & Performance ☑️ People Operations ☑️ Human Resources ☑️ Employee Engagement ☑️ Learning & Development 🥳GET YOUR FREE STRATEGY CALL - for Business Owners 👉 LINK in Instagram bio OR Visit 💥💫 ✅ A client with 50 employees increased sales revenue by 3.2 million within 2 years and created world-class leadership, employee engagement and culture ❤ "Emotioneering®️ to change the hearts and minds of at least one million people for the better" 🔥Delivered over 15,000 hours of consultancy and coaching from frontline employees up to executive leaders 🔥Facilitated over 1000 in person workshops and training days 🔥Helped ALL my clients achieve record-breaking results 🔥Accredited Training Provider 📊 People Operations & Performance Consultant 🎧 Host of The "Emotioneering®️ Podcast" - Top 5% of podcasts in the world 🌍 Best Selling Author of Emotioneering Business Results & Best Selling Co-Author International Women Of The World 🤟 Co-Founder of SUP Wales 💥 Sales Person of The Year 💥 Recognised Global Senior Management Consultant SERVICE BASED VERTICALS ⬆️ Automotive ⬆️ Travel ⬆️ Insurance ⬆️ Contact Centres ⬆️ Property / Real Estate ⬆️ Advertising ⬆️ Hospitality ⬆️ Leisure | Fitness | Wellbeing ⬆️ Retail ⬆️ Education Host of The Emotioneering®️ Podcast 🎧 - People / Human Skills - Emotional Intelligence - Expression/Communication - Leadership - Mental Health & Wellbeing - Human Performance #Lovetolead #emotioneering ❤ Qualified Counsellor and senior member of the ACCPH 🏐 Play Volleyball for Swansea City 🌊 Paddleboarder @SUPWalesofficial 🍷 Love wine 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh and Rugby Fan Connect on LinkedIn- Instagram @melissacurran_ Twitter @melissacurran_