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SuperConsciousness Coach & Guide Natural Creative•Visionary•Synergy Collaboration•Emerging Future (SuperConsciousness = Intuition Direct from Source) ✳️ Founder: ⭕️ Red Circle Club / House __________________________________________ 📣📣 Weekly Room 📣📣 ⭕️ Growing Pains of Spiritual Transition -Finding Your Flow Saturdays 13:00LA-16:00NY-21:00London NOTE: TimeZones Updated Apr2023 ————————————————————— Everyone has an innate and dormant Greatness just waiting to be Realised. I am here on ClubHouse to share and have conversations about living into one’s potential and the fulfilment that comes from being in alignment with one’s True Nature & Purpose. ~~~~~~~ A highly recommended read: 📖The Kybalion by The Three Initiates ~~~~~~~ “I have been working with lovely Melinda for well over a year and I cannot speak highly enough of her leadership style and business mastermind program. Melinda holds a powerful and empowering group program that has been invaluable in guiding me to the heart of who I am and aligned me with the truth of my wisdom and gifts, in not only my business, but in my life. It has truly been a gift to work with her and experience her skills, genius and mentorship in this program. Highly recommended for anyone starting a business or anyone looking to deepen their awareness of their true nature and purpose in life.” ~Kel Townsend - House of Genius ~~~~~~~ Professional Side of Me Coach, Project Manager, Operations Management, Interior Architect, Furniture Designer, Space/Furniture Planner, Graphic Designer. Magical Side of Me Source Intuitive, Alchemist, Feng Shui Consultant, Geomancer & Earth Acupuncturist, Professional Dowser, Space Clearing, Healer & Energy Worker (various modalities), Psychic Anatomy & Surgery, Shamanism. Biggest Learning & Gifts: “I AM the Tool” “There is nothing more powerful than the Light that I AM” ~~~~~~~ 🌎 Countries Lived in: USA | Norway | Portugal | UK ✈️ Traveller: 37 Countries | 4 Olympics 🔥 Current Project 🔥 Creating a new business structure which supports others to discover & align with their innate and untapped Genius & Greatest Potential, while guiding them to create a life and business that is fulfilling, has a message and serves to make this world a better place in their own special way. ~~~~~~~~~~~ PRIVATE MESSAGING Qs - To IG Only: ⭕️Red Circle on Telegram Our backup channel-Please Join!