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Masquerading as an intellectual. Avid reader and historian. Harry Potter super fan. Proud autism mom. Creole. Sapiosexual. Political junkie. Compassionate Conservative. Zeta 💙. Let me pick your brain and you can do the same. Long term investor and community resource. Love all aspects of financial literacy encompassing financial, tax, investment and estate planning. Wealth is easy to obtain, but is it protected? Make sure. I’d be happy to point you in the right direction and provide guidance, utilizing my almost 30 years experience in the Ultra High Net Worth Wealth Management space. Let’s create a path to abundance for you and your loved ones ❤️🏦🏡💰 I’m available for the following: 💰Financial Education 💰Financial Coaching 💰Financial Strategy 💰Financial Therapy 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Legacy and Asset Protection 📝Estate Planning 🏡Estate Administration Pre/Post Death 🏦Vetting Financial Professionals 💰Trust Funding/Retitling Assets 💵Family Financial Counseling 📊Portfolio Analysis/Review 📆Retirement Planning 🧮Insurance Planning and Needs Analysis 🧾Business Financial Planning and Strategy 👶Special Needs Planning/Asset Protection 🧸Wealth Building for Younger Generations 💝Pre/Post Marital Financial Counseling 🏦💵🏡Think of me as your personal Family Office ❤️ Contact me for a complimentary consultation: Follow my Club “Wealth Financial Flowers” where we discuss topics about growing your financial garden. Join Financial Flows, Abundance and Legacy, a House for conversation about money topics and education. All are welcome. Let’s also learn, build, grow and mentor together. Please contact me for Moderating on ClubHouse and adding value as well as Financial Capabilities talks, interviews or speaking engagements. Always happy to be a resource 😊. $PseudoIntellectual Disclaimer: I am not providing professional advice or assessment with my commentary. Although I am securities licensed, I am not serving in the capacity as your Advisor and recommend you seek the advice of a professionally licensed and certified individual and/or firm for investment, financial or estate planning. Good luck! 00211