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Megha Bradley




🧠 Mindset, abundance and relationship coach for ambitious business leaders, healers and coaches πŸ™πŸ½ Spiritual Transformation and Unconditional Love as a Certified Advanced ThetaHealer I read people like πŸ“š;) πŸ– Scientific Hand Analyst πŸ”Ί Human Design Reader (believe if more of humanity knew and lived their design we’d reach peace) πŸ’š Dedicated to help transform cycles of generational abuse and poverty by changing beliefs at a DNA 🧬 level β˜‘οΈ group coaching β˜‘οΈ Private coaching and healing around the world (thanks to quantum physics) β˜‘οΈ retreats and events Over 20 years as an entrepreneur from brick and mortar business to digital marketing to rewards engagement software to business and life transformation ❇️ key skill as a strategist 🎀 speak on the life saving power of knowing your purpose AND on transforming tragedy to power πŸ’œ Certified Passion Test Facilitator based on the NYT Best Seller, The Passion Test by Janet Attwood What brings me joy... ✈️ travel πŸ’« spiritual conversations ❀️ time with the people I love and those on similar mission path Multi-ethnic, multi-spiritual non-denominational follower of Christ that believes that all human beings are perfectly designed by a loving Creator and that we need not judge the journey and identity of each human being but rather honor the soul path we are each uniquely on... β€œBe the reason each day that someone believes that God exists” #boymom #homeschoolmom Connect with me on FB, LinkedIn or IG best 🌎 Near #Nashville #MidTN