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☕️🏹 🖇🧶🦄I help women entrepreneurs become Conscious Leaders. New Circles starting January 2021. Enneagram & relationship expert, delivering virtual experiences that energize and connect. Leadership Circles for founders and leaders who want a deep experience of Conscious Leadership and the Enneagram. ⏳ She/her Connect w/me on LinkedIn Tell me you’re from ♣️🏡 🎤 I host Enneagram and Conscious Leadership CH rooms. Love to moderate or co-host with you! To bring the Enneagram and/or Conscious Leadership to your team or organization, ping me at [email protected] My next Conscious Leadership Circle starts in September. Get on my calendar for a chat: Stay in touch for news and future opportunities by joining my mailing list: 🐕Love dogs and ⛷ 🌎Former reporter concerned about our democracy 🚴‍♀️Back on the Peloton after foot surgery. Yep, good time to catch me @megdenn 👩‍❤️‍👨 In 4th or 5th reinvention of almost 40 years with my man 🏡Mom of three adults ✍️Write almost daily about everyday leadership in life and send some to my readers (sign up on 🗣Often heard saying, you should talk to...