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🚀Helping Coaches Create, Launch and Fill Premium Group Coaching Programs & Scale 4️⃣X Your Income in 12 Months or Less ⭐️ #SoulFirstStrategySecond 🙌Founder of Structured Freedom ✌🏻Creator of the Signature Launch System 👥Practitioner of Human Interaction Technology, Certified Professional Coach, Business Growth Strategist #GirlMom #Wife #EmpireBuilder #PowerCouple I Host Rooms on: ⭐️ Creating Group Coaching Programs ⭐️ Entrepreneurial Mindset ⭐️ Strategic Growth For Coaches ⭐️ Launching Group Coaching Programs ⭐️ Building and Leading a Team ⭐️ Doing Business With Your Spouse ⭐️ Leadership 👉JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP Structured Freedom For Impact Driven Coaches CONNECT WITH ME: