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Meera Balakumar




PE operations/business development/IR šŸ¤  šŸ”­. ā›‘: Builder + helping others build; Fintech, institutional cap markets for alternative assets šŸ§­ šŸ’³ šŸŒ³: $6 billion of institutional capital raised/deployed across N.America, Europe and Asia (technology investment banking + real estate private equity) šŸŒ±: Founder Saas (enterprise) Fintech platform serving institutional investors in alternative assets Advisory Board, Ortus Climate Mitigation - clean energy infrastructure and CSR at scale šŸ‘£ ā˜€ļø Cleantech investor (air/water); California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Working Group; California Policy Steering Committee (E2/NRDC - climate action); economic growth + sustainable regeneration.