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Michael Rochester




Full 3D Interactive in game #DragonsAreComing Co-Founder - GamePower Network Software Consultant Crypto - Bitcoin - Polkadot - Kusama Check out my current Gaming/NFT project: You can follow this project on Twitter for updates: @GamePowerNet GamePower Network Mission: To inspire creativity, create a meaningful and easy to use gaming, development, and community experience that brings together gamers, developers, and artists in a way that drives new innovation in blockchain gaming and NFTs. GamePower Network is building a metaverse of multiple video games using NFTs to represent in game assets including avatars, pets, and other items. NFTs will work across the metaverse. GamePower Network Vision: Be the leading decentralized gaming and NFT publishing platform in the world. Gas fees are no problem on our network like Ethereum as we are building out our blockchain on substrate. Play2Earn