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🎥 Charisma Hacking🔥 👉🏻 Charisma Hacking is a set of business systems built from Hollywood tactics that make audiences notice you, then obsess over you, and then compulsively buy from you 🟡 I coach COACHES to solve 2 issues: 🎥 1. People aren’t watching my videos 💰 2. People are watching my videos but are not buying 🔥We do this by creating AGGRESSIVE DEVOTION and trust in your viewers by showing you the secrets to poking that part of your audiences' brains that makes them obsessively watch and spend with you. 🎤 ❗️Funnel Hacking Live 2021 Speaker DM me CHARISMA for 120 charisma hacks to see what makes top celebrities and business influencers charismatic ................. 🔥 Here's some client highlights from the last few months: 🎥 With Charisma Hacking, clients have increased Youtube video watch times by up to 242% 💰Tripled their revenue 💪🏼20x their Facebook ad click through rate 🚀Finally were able to connect with their audience in a meaningful way and deliver their message in a way that resonated by being the best version of themselves.
................ ♥️ Nice things that cool people have said about me: ⭐️Russell Brunson: “I just keep being more impressed with [McCall] every time I'm watching what she's doing, and I'm like, "Ah, this is brilliant. This is so smart," and I hope you guys are watching as well.” ……........... ⭐️Dave Woodward: "I've known McCall Jones for a while, I've had her on my podcast -- she's an AMAZING person when it comes to charisma and teaching people exactly how to add charisma and what exactly charisma is, how to actually use it in your business.”  ……..... ⭐️Alex Charfen: “"I've gotta be honest, I have easily 10 thousand hours speaking, I have tons of speaking experience and tons of speaking feedback -- and I heard stuff from McCall Jones that I've never heard before...she's extraordinary.”  ………. ⭐️Kathryn Jones: “"McCall Charisma hacked my entire Design Hacking Live event. It was SO good. Helped me learn WHY what I was doing was actually working. Helped me to stop being intuitive and start being intentional. She's a freaking genius.”  .......... ⭐️ Eric Thayne: “"Within just a few weeks working with McCall my viewership on YouTube grew 242% and engagement across all social media platforms increased. And more importantly, I feel like I'm finally delivering my message in a meaningful and impactful way." …………….. 🚀 Check out our programs at: BE MY FRIEND! Connect with me on Instagram!