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Your fave Kentucky Fried Cutie 🤍 “A pleasure to have in class.” 🥳 The name is Matthew Brock Johnson, but you can call me Brock, or just dad. 👋😉 👤 He / They 🌈 L(G)BTQ+ 🎓 University of Kentucky 💼 Designer 📍 LEX, KY 🎵 Swiftie (not ashamed) ♑️ Capricorn, Virgo, Gemini 🤠 ENFP, Hufflepuff, 3w2 🧔DADDY OF CLUB 🧔 Swifties Unite ✨🍂 The space for Taylor Swift fans to connect with other Swifties and to geek out on her music. Or to confess their undying affection for her. Either works. Click the first badge below to join! ☺️🤍 ✳️ WEEKLY ROOMS ✳️ •Swifties Unite ✨🍂 | Weds 10:00 PM est. •Staying Productive & Creative while working from home 🎙 | Thurs 9:30 PM est. •T Swift Toots n Boots 👸🏼👠👜 | 3:00 PM est. 🎨 CREATING CH CONTENT 🎨 Selling /Making CH Profile frames! •Rep your Harry Potter Hogwarts House - all proceeds go to charity! DM me below for more info. 🪄⚡️🦡🦁🐦🐍 • Moderating a room? Creating a club? Let me make you a frame! ✨ “Sometimes you gotta work a little so you can ball a lot.” -Tom Haverford Tiktok: mbrockjohnson Portfolio: