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Maxie Collier




Current projects: Lewis Latimer AI Animated Doc AI Toolbox Bootcamp Hip-Hop AI AI art illustrated memoir and graphic novel. 🎬Founder/CEO Super Livestreams SuperLivestreams.Com , Digital Puppets Company DigitalPuppets.Co 🎺Digitized in the days of 8bit 6502 processors. An original, digital, hip-hop entrepreneur. 🎭 Animated series 🎥Producer/director “Paper Chasers” the first documentary movie on hip-hop entrepreneurship. Watch at PaperChasers.TV 20th Anniversary NFT release 2022 📓Author and co-publisher “The IFILM Digital Video Filmmakers Handbook” one of the first bestselling digital filmmaking textbooks. 🎬 Developer Super Livestreams TV channels