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Maximilian Figueroa




Full Stack Web123 Engineer📺👉👈💪💻Spotify/ITunes Max Flow Yoga ✅ 🚨30% goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to help our Children🏆 Warrior Sculpt Yoga Inc., CEO/ 100% Shareholder Owner Puertorriqueño & Gabonese 💻👨🏾‍💻Web Engineer that can build any tech🤙 💪Stay fit ANYWHERE🏆Chair to Pro Athlete Status 💎 -Download all of my .mp3 podcast audio workouts files here -1 on 1 Training packages 💻💻💻 🤓Web3 Full Stack Developer:👨🏾‍💻 Sherwin-Williams/DOD/NASA/Defense/L Brands/Victoria’s Secret/Bath N’ Body works/La Senza/Henri Bendel/ Eagle/Plastpro Inc. Java, Any SQL/ NoSQL, Python, Bash, Linux, Windows/ IOS/ Android/ etc. HTML5, CSS3, Any JavaScript/smart contracts, AWS, Google Cloud 📌📌📌 Father and Grandfathers all Served🫡 Collegiate Hockey, Football and Lacrosse Defense👆. Receiver👆 and Midfield👆 Coach too🙌 💪Mens Physique Competitor💪🏆✅ OCRs🎯 🥳Representing my Strong Single Mother with Grace🙏and Teamwork👏from a Family of Veterans💪🏆 Service and Empowerment Focused for Females and Single Parents🙌 Pianist, drummer, French horn and trumpet player