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Anne-Marie Od




✅ Social Entrepreneur 🏠 Founder eAzIhouse Solutions (Smart Home Safety Solutions with an emphasis on A.I.) 🙏 Gratitude Warrior. 🕳 Truth Seeker. 💻 Expert Project/Product Manager. 🌈🌈🌈Attracting like-minded people into my life for business and living. 🪄Co-creator of my own reality. 👭Reformed Sapiosexual🤫🌈 Why is everything a secret in this world? Have you noticed how almost every sales email, tv advertisement, etc., starts with .......secret? Why? Things are usually made secret because someone wants an advantage over others when it comes to that particular thing. But why should knowing how to eat right, get a decent job, be healthy, be happy, and practically everything that it means to be “human “ be secret, hidden to all but a few until “someone “ reveals it? Cashtag : $mavrbl