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Maurice Neuwirth




🎙The Entrepreneurial Brain Podcast 🌊The Flow Research Collective 🧞‍♂️Co-Founder ADHDOER’S Free Training: 10x Your Business Effortlessly While Working Less With The Embodied Flow Strategy 💨Biohacking, Breath Work, Meditation, 🌿Psychedelics/ Plant Medicine , Flow Many Passions but everything is connected 💫 Combining 🐉Ancient Wisdom & 🧬Modern Science 🦌ADHD & Dyslexia are my Superpower 🌍Digital Nomad / love traveling and immersing myself in other cultures 🇩🇪 🪙 Mined Bitcoin 2011 ... And lost them in the Mt. Gox Hack 💀 🧑‍💻Worked as Strategy Consultant with companies like LG, Vonovia, HSBC, Commerzbank, ... 🥷Now helping entrepreneurs on their inner journey to perform & feel their best