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🍀 “To have a second language is to have a second soul.” Co-founder @ The Dacha 🏡 and Samovar. Telegram: Twitter: @mattonsandhill By day help entrepreneurs de-risk concentrated positions, lower taxes, and invest their capital intelligently • By night teach risk management at UC Berkeley Extension • Live in Moscow, work in California (a rough commute) • Love running, hiking, Georgian food, a spot of 🥃, cigar (rinse and repeat). I moderate the following rooms: -Room to Run (ежедневно в 18:00 мск) -NFT Новости Недели -Корпоративное управление -Куда движется недвижимость?                 [email protected]           Helpful links: - - - - Infographic 8 Worst Tax Mistakes in Silicon Valley: