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Matt Gunnin




👨🏻‍💻CEO @ Esports One Esports Club Creator Actively Mentoring & Advising Startups 👓 Competitive viewing is the future of fantasy and at Esports One we’re building the first NFT enabled collectible for fantasy esports. Built by Gamers, for Gamers. 🐥 Company Twitter: @EsportsOne 👾 Using advanced computer vision, reinforcement ML and unique data science to create the first real-time fantasy platform. 🎖Here to accelerate the growth of esports through diversity, innovation and relationship building. If I can’t help, I’ll find someone that can. 🎤 Host of The Esports Weekly & Nightly Hot & Spicy Takes 🎮 Join the esports clubhouse discord! 🚀 Esportspedia + EsportsCalendar Founded: Leaguepedia (2011) Ex: Twitch, Unikrn, Azubu, Rackspace 📧 [email protected] ✈️ LAX gaming, video games, esports, entertainment, startup, data science, nfts, crypto, blockchain, founder, league of legends, sports